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September! This way! Now, you have to read this. It's incredibly important. Everyone, please listen and give your very best advice. I have tried to do what I can, but, well... [He isn't exactly the best person to ask about taking care of themselves. He even forgot to introduce himself-- Oh, he forgot to introduce himself!]

Ah! I'm Walter Bishop. Dr. Walter Bishop, a fellow inmate here. And this is September. No other name. Also a fellow inmate. September?

[September, the rarely seen hairless friend of Walter's joins the slightly taller man.]

Yes, Walter?

We're conducting a survey of the village to help you with the questions I cannot answer. And so I thought it would be best to hear from you, not me. Can you read this card?

[He nods, and reads--] 'Hello. My name is September'.

[Wait a minute.] Walter, you have previously established my name. [Anyway...]

'I have some questions about your personal experiences regarding sensations and things I cannot feel. Would you give me a few moments of your time?'

[There's a list, underneath, but here he stops reading and looks sideways at Walter.]

Go on! [Walter gestures September onward with a wide smile. This is totally the best way to get answers, right?] With so many humans and humanoids from different universes, we should be able to gather a great deal of information for you to choose from.

What is it like to have a family?
How does it feel to drink a milkshake?

Ah-- [Well, he could have answered those, but he'll let the others do it.] Additionally, if you have any other comments regarding what it is to be "human" for my friend, please do share. He's learning how, you see. Being stuck in a single timeline can do that. Oh! And if I might remind people that I am still collecting blood samples! Please do volunteer yours. Thank you.

[ooc; Joint Post with September ([personal profile] quantumtangled)! Walter is blue, September is orange. Specify to whom you're responding in the subject or ask for both!]
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Happy Fireworks Day!!

[Walter is yelling and he doesn't care. This day celebrates with one of the most awesome chemistry achievements ever and he's going to have fun.

He sets the journal down and gleefully runs back a few meters until he's in the middle of the Flame Building rooftop where he's set up a sizeable display of fireworks hobbled together from different things, mixed in with ones he's found at the stores leading up to today.

He also has no cares to give that it's just past 7AM on July 4th. Whatever, losers, get out of bed.

He lights a large cylinder and runs off camera until it erupts sparks and shoots lines of brightly colored fire into the air accompanied by booming noises.

Haha!! Excellent! I knew it would work!

[Walter runs back and speaks excitedly at the book, even if the camera is focused on the firework erupting.]

I'm making hot dogs on the roof! Everyone come get some! And come blow things up with me. Even if you're not American, this holiday is good fun,

Oh! I'm on the Flame Building, but I shouldn't be hard to find.

[There's another large boom and he jumps, then laughs as sparks shoot across the rooftop toward him.]

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--need to have data, this isn't enough.

But it's fascinating, isn't it?

[Walter realizes he's already had the voice function on and turns to look at the camera after his talk to himself.]

Yes, hello! Anyone of you, I've noticed these peculiar displacements all over the village as I'm sure you all have. It started out small enough, but the frequency of them is beginning to become alarming. An isolated incident or two, I can overlook, but this many? If only I had my lab, I could better measure this phenomenon...

Oh, yes! Data! I need data. Any occurrences you've witnessed, how long, the nature of the displacement, anything else you can remember about the event. Report here.

And if you see a cow, I want one.
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Loki! Loki! We did it! HaHA! I knew we could do it. I only electrocuted myself once. Where are you? Come find me immediately!

Also whoever told me Loki wasn't real, you're a liar and liars never prosper. [Hrmph, so rude. It's almost enough to dampen his excitement at finishing one of his projects - almost. He's been working as apothecary, but it isn't the same as making something so new as an energy shield.]


There have been a lot of birthdays lately. I suppose it makes sense. Summer does tend to make people horny.

Happy birthday to all the May babies!
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[First comes the video, with Walter in his usual labcoat with a makeshift laboratory in the background. It's obvious he's converted his living room into a lab with the sofa and table pushed up against the wall. He has taller tables arranged around with various types of equipment on it and he's looking down at some notes before he starts speaking, clearly reading what he's written.]

Hello, Luceti. My name is Doctor Walter Bishop. If you are seeing this, which I hope you are, then you are entered into candidacy for a new position as lab assistant. I am looking for individuals who are at least somewhat familiar with a laboratory setting and it's procedures. You must have an open and willing mind to see beyond that which--

[A microwave beeps and he stops reading, hurrying off excitedly.]

Ooh, popcorn's done!

[He comes back with a freshly popped bag of popcorn a few moments later and plops back in his seat, emptying the contents into a bowl off screen as he rereads his note.]

Where was I.... Open mind...lab....experiments... Ah! Yes, here we are.

To see beyond that which modern science calls "conventional." Those with mechanical expertise or degrees in physics or biochemistry are highly favored. It also helps if you can cook well or have an EZ-Bake Oven. Has anyone seen one recently? Such shame not to have one.

Oh, and yes here--

[He holds up his note, written in a careful left-handed slant to the camera so people can read it.]

Position: Lab Assistant
Hours: As necessary

Description: Looking for individuals who are at least somewhat familiar with a laboratory setting and it's procedures. You must have an open and willing mind to see beyond that which modern science calls "conventional." Those with mechanical expertise or degrees in physics or biochemistry are highly favored.

Extra Skills: Ability to cook, access to technology (EZ-Bake Oven), love of music, ability to work well under stress.

[He drops the notice and grabs a handful of popcorn.]

Please inquire within. O-or here, I suppose. I can answer any questions you may have since you'll be working for me.
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[Walter turns on the video for the journal, sets it up and then moves back, sitting down on a chair in front of it. He's wear a lab coat over his usual checkered shirt and sweater cardigan combo and looks quite gleeful, gesturing toward the camera with a welcoming motion.]

Fellow denizens of Luceti! My name is Walter Bishop and I come to you with a unique request.

I would like to take a tissue and wing sample from every person in the compound - a simple test, really, very quick, not at all painful [Says the man who can tolerate electroshock therapy with a smile] - in order to help the scientists of our great community better understand the makeup of this universe.

Should you and several of your companions be from the same world, it would be most helpful if one or all could donate, although one should suffice if anyone is a tad squeamish.

I will be taking the samples this afternoon in the plaza.

Oh! And hot cocoa will be provided for compensation of course. I'm no madman.

This afternoon, starting at 1pm. Any and all volunteers are welcome! Those who don't wish to volunteer, don't worry - I'm sure I can find you somehow, yes?

[Action: Plaza, 1PM]
[As promised, Walter is bundled up in warmer clothes at the plaza with a little table of lab equipment and a rather large cooler that holds several Thermoses of hot cocoa. There are even little marshmallows for people who want them.]
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[The audio file follows exactly as it is written, save for a few places where Walter stutters or mumbles.]

Greetings fellow inmates of Luceti, my name is Walter Bishop and I am constructing a laboratory in my living space. If anyone should come across any equipment that may be of use in doing so, I would be most obliged if you could tell me.

Now, onto the important matters. I was told there are others who are experts or at least versed in transdimensional world travelling and I should very much like to speak to them. Particularly the one named "Tony Stark" if he is available. A young girl named Harlem said I should say hello to you.

I have also heard there were others involved in a failed attempt at returning home. I should very much like to speak to these individuals if they are still present. I believe we may be able to help each other.

Also, if anyone has seen a set of tuning forks, I seem to have misplaced them.

Please check your microwave ovens and other such devices before turning them on. It would be most unfortunate if you should end up with one in your neck.

Thank you for your time.

Oh, and residents of Building 1. Flame Building - what an unfortunate name - if you see sugar cubes lying on the counters, please return them to me. But do not touch them with your bare hands. Thank you.
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[Not long after this post from the Malnosso's new therapist, there is a huge racket going on at the Welcome Center. His rage at the thought of being taken to therapy and his instability in Luceti has gone over the edge and Walter is screaming and throwing chairs and bed mattresses, lamps and anything else he can get his hands on. The tirade is caught on video as he throws his journal across the room, smashing it into the wall and jolting it on. It shows him upside down.]

I will not go! They can't make me!

Peter! Peter!! [He picks up a glass and smashes it against the far wall.]

Disgusting, dirty, everything is contaminated with their evil! They're watching our every move! Everything we do! Our entire lives - our privacy, our names!

Damn vipers among our ranks and we can't even ferret them out?!

I won't go! I will NOT be taken again!! Peter! You can't let them take me again!

[He grabs a lamp and smashes it against the floor repeatedly.]

I'll find how you watch us and I'll destroy it! I'll find it and destroy it!!!
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H-hello? Hello. Hello, my name is Walter Bishop. Dr. Walter Bishop. I-I-I was just in my lab, you see, and now it seems I'm wandering around your town. I've lost my cellphone - and my coat. I don't have...I don't have his numbers. I can't--

Oh my. This book is fascinating, isn't it? Like a tablet computer, intranet only. Lacking in a few necessary functions, but it is certainly interesting.


I'd thought the LSD had worn off, but I suppose perhaps it had not after all. How quaint a hallucination this all is. I'm rather proud of thinking it all up. Even a bakery. Wonderful.
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Character Permissions

If you are interested in having Walter experiment on or assist your character with any scientific endeavors, please let me know here.

If you would rather Walter never experiment (randomly pull feathers, etc.) from your character for any reason, please let me know.
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How's My Driving?

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Alternatively, you can contact me via PM here or at my personal journal [personal profile] nihongoing.
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